IoT Consulting Solutions & Services

Today, industries work on two main technological aspects: OT (Operational Technology) and IT (Information Technology). OT employs bottom-up approach­—from building the basic components to developing a operational system. On the other hand, IT implements solutions using a top-down approach, which is based on tools, software, and networks that establish relationship between data and people.

The pain point for industries using IT and OT is to converge both these worlds. IoT enables the IT-OT convergence by providing the connectivity and the standards to maintain the operational and informational continuity. OT-IT convergence provides benefits of cost reduction, controlled business processes, higher security, faster development and integration times, and standardized communications and control.

IntraTechnologySolutions Pvt. Ltd is helping clients to bridge this gap between the IT-OT silos, mitigating system failures. Our IoT Consulting Services ensures high availability, resilience, reliability, and scalability, and addresses all the key challenges in the IT-OT convergence, including security and interoperability challenges.